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On Panda Bears and Death (and Why Neither Matters)

Thomas Calder

As Paul was readying the kids for a little hike, one of the boys started to panic; a first-grader, he was worried he'd get attacked by a bear. Paul told the kid: "The good news is we're all gonna die one day, so really you have nothing to worry about..."

The Writer as Rider

Sam Mansfield

As others have asked before, "Where is the poetry of the first Gulf War?", I ask, "Where is the great twenty-first century American bicycle poem?" And I am only half kidding...

A Writing-Exercise Grab Bag

Sara C Rolater

There are many different types of writing:┬ábut I've found it's just plain easier to write when I have a clear, manageable objective, no matter what stage of the writing process I'm at. So I thought I'd share some exercises I've collected over the years…

O, Poet! O, Emerson! O, RuPaul!

Katie Condon

"For all men live by truth," writes Ralph Waldo Emerson in his 1844 essay The Poet, "and stand in need of expression. In love, in art, in avarice, in politics, in labor, in games, we study to utter our painful secret. The man is only half himself, the…

The Writer's Guide to the Ballet

Ashley Wurzbacher

We strive to create images that intrigue the reader by offering them a vision of the world that is slightly skewed, that give us a picture of the commonplace made new and strange...

Part II: What the Simultaneous Submitter Needs to Know

Zachary Martin

Both the "bulk" submitter and the "no sim sub" journal seem gripped by a mutual paranoia. But in the world of small press publishing, where the only way to stay sane is to write, edit, and publish for a coterie of lovers of indie lit, this paranoia is unfounded...

Part I: On Simultaneous Submissions

Zachary Martin

Most writers are not trying to scam the system when they simultaneously submit; they're just hoping they can see their work in print before they die...

Everything, All the Time

Talia Mailman

Writing, as most of you know, is a lonely business. But language doesn't exist without addressing someone. It is that space which interests me. "Word is a two-sided act," says Bakhtin...