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Revision Cheat Sheet for the Perennially Lazy

Aja Gabel

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. That was the last resolution I made, two years ago, never to make a resolution again. I always set myself up for disappointment with grand ideas of “starting over” or “doing better.” In case you’re wondering, no, I…

To Tell a Proper Story In Celebration of Alice Munro

Ashley Wurzbacher

By now many people might have put down their champagne glasses after toasting to Alice Munro, celebrating her work and her legacy in the wake of her recent receipt of the Nobel Prize. But I’m still riding around on a little cloud of joy, revisiting her…

Auld Lang Syne A Sincere Tradition

Conor Bracken

It's New Year's Eve, which means a few things: 1. Colorful hats, with the little elastics that itch and dig into your chin 2. Drinking a little too much André 3. Lamenting Ryan Seacrest's frosted hair instead of Dick Clark's swarthy, bygone do 4. Chanting…

Gatsby's Favorite Nirvana Song

Thomas Calder

So I grew up idolizing Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Now at twenty-eight years of age, I'm wrapping up the latest draft of a novel I've been working on over the last two and a half years. And what does this novel deal (at least in part) with? You ready for…

How Facebook Can Be Good For Productivity

Sara C Rolater

I've recently discovered that writing a novel, or rather my writing a novel, or rather my trying to write a novel, takes years. I've also discovered that the key to the writer's life is not to be overwhelmed by this prospect but to enjoy the process.…

Becoming Better Readers of Our Own Writing

Claire Fuqua Anderson

Whether your reader is the editor of a literary magazine, an agent, a teacher, your mom, the imagined love child of Amy Hempel and William Faulkner, or a nameless, faceless ghosty-like presence, you have one. Sometimes we meet our readers face to face,…

Where to Find Us

Zachary Martin

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